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Seattle: 11/2/15

This morning was great! I slept really well after my long day of driving and then I went upstairs to talk to Raven before I went to meet Jonathan for lunch before his interview. She runs an Abraham-Hicks meetup in her area and I was asking her about it because I was interested in going. For those of you who don’t know, Abraham-Hicks is a collective consciousness channeled by Esther Hicks and the information about the vibrational universe we live in channeled through them is called the Law of Attraction. The basic premise is that we draw things that produce more of what we’re currently feeling—feelings are indications of vibration and the better feeling we are the higher our vibration.

Anyway, she was telling me about what exactly they do at the meetups and I’ve never been to one where they do games or exercises together (except maybe a few focus wheels from when I used to do it with my mom). She told me about Master-Minding and how you choose a feeling and simply feel that feeling and talk for a few minutes about how it feels and what you appreciate about it—well, she was telling me and then she decided it was easier to demonstrate than explain. She started breathing more deeply and talking to me about clarity and as she spoke I could feel energy moving around us. It was really powerful to be a part of; maybe I felt it more because I practice energy work and I’m in tune with that sort of thing, but I do think that someone without experience would have felt it, too, because it was so tangible. After talking about it a little more she was getting ready and we were talking and I mentioned that Cancers are one of the four cardinal signs (Raven, Desi, and I are all Cancerians) but that they prefer to lead by example as opposed to active or “in your face” leadership. She asked me about astrology and I ended up reading charts for her, Desi, and Jay. We spent the most time on Raven’s chart and afterwards she told me that she definitely felt I was good enough to be professional—which was amazing to hear because I’ve loved astrology over half of my life and always wanted to do it professionally, but I feel that I need more training or at least more confidence about what I already know before I can comfortably charge money for my skills. We could have kept talking about it for at least a few more hours, except that it was after 11 and we both needed to finish getting ready for the day (I was still in my footie pajamas and I needed to shower before meeting Jonathan) so we parted ways.

I showed up at Jonathan’s hotel room around noon and he had just accepted a job back on the East coast and he was a little flustered about the demands being put on him. I won’t go into details about his personal stuff, but we talked about it a little and I tried to help him feel a little better before going to the interview for the job he was actually excited about. He was dressed nicely and he even had a pretty blue tie that he put on while we were talking (which reminded me that I forgot how to tie a tie a long time ago—say that three times, quickly, except it’s not that challenging, lol) but he still had some stuff to do so I just drank the Kombucha Rick and Rita had sent with me and spent some time in my head until he was ready.

Day 14 e

We went to Panera and I had their tomato soup for the first time and I have to say that it was really good—the croutons were delicious. ^_^ We didn’t spend a ton of time there and we left to make sure Jonathan got to his interview early. After I dropped him off at the medical center I drove around exploring and also looking for parking. I found parking and sat in the car talking to my sister Ashley for a little while before programming Target into the GPS so I could go walk around somewhere. I ended up in downtown and I’ve decided that if I ever do move there I’ll probably prefer public transportation since driving was a little tight and hectic for my taste. I got a phone call right after 3 and Jonathan told me that his interview had ended early so I got to him as soon as I could.

It turns out that HR listed the job improperly—there was one certificate that Jonathan needed and is essentially eligible for, but since he didn’t have it the woman conducting the interview decided not to proceed. Again, I won’t go into too many details, but I want to talk about it just a little bit. When I contacted Jonathan the previous week he had no plans of being in Seattle when I was there, but by my second day there he’d gotten an interview with that company and they wanted an in-person interview the following Monday. The interview didn’t work out, which I know was a disappointment, but I really think his arrival was a manifestation of my desire to see him there. He has the desire to be there and I had the desire to see him there and I think the two desires merged. If I hadn’t changed my plans to fly then we would have arrived on the same day and left on the same day—and if I hadn’t contacted him until Halloween as I’d originally planned we would have potentially had an amazing “chance” encounter. I just think it’s really cool that things like that happen so frequently and we don’t always notice them. I would call it fate, but I know better—I just love referencing Notre Dame de Paris because j’adore Victor Hugo! And who’s to say that fate isn’t merely something we put in our collective vortexes (I’m using Law of Attraction terminology—it is the place where the queue of things we’ve wanted throughout life waits to be manifested by our allowing of those things through lining up with them vibrationally, through our emotions) before entering our bodies? I do believe in reincarnation and that we can plan some events for ourselves throughout life, and though I don’t think seeing each other in Seattle was a huge event like the first time we met (which I do believe was some sort of fate—for those of you who don’t know me, or my history, Jonathan is my ex-fiancé and it’s a long story that I could easily write about for pages and pages), it seems that it would have happened one way or another. Unless I cut Seattle from this trip entirely, but I felt drawn to go and I cut Boulder instead. I can go look at the ROLF institute any time I want. ^_~

And now that my tangent has ended, I’ll tell you about the rest of my day. =D (On a side note, I read the first sentence of this section the way a Crow recites “And now his watch is ended” from Game of Thrones. THIS is why I love spending time by myself—because I’m awesome. I think everyone should be allowed to enjoy their own company. ^_~) After the interview Jonathan did feel less stressed, even though it was a disappointment, but I decided that I would rather spend the evening with him than going to the meetup even though I was interested. We stopped by Raven’s and printed something for the job he accepted and Jonathan and Raven got to chat a little bit. Raven told us which park to go to since it was approaching dark and we wanted to go walk around; she also gave us a dinner recommendation which we later tried to use but they were closed. Apparently some restaurants are closed on Mondays in Seattle—I guess it’s a slow day. Anyway, the GPS took us close to the park but we missed it and ended up driving through this neighborhood full of beautiful houses and apartments overlooking the ocean; it was gorgeous, but eventually we found the park right after dark. It was a pretty small park and we just walked on the road to keep our shoes from getting wet. Mostly we just talk and I’m pretty sure you don’t want me to recount all of our conversations. It was cold, but it was a nice walk anyway and we went for pizza afterwards where we—surprise!—continued talking. ^_~ We were going to go to Starbucks after dinner but once we got there we decided to go to a grocery store instead and I bought a box of Chamomile Lavender tea and he bought a pack of Rainier beer. We went and talked in his hotel room but only until about 9:30 because I had to wake up around 3:30 to get to the airport early for my 5:40 AM flight back to Phoenix. The funny thing is that I didn’t really take any pictures these days, so hopefully my writing carries these two days. 😉 After I got home I said good bye to everyone and packed as best as I could and laid out my clothes for the early morning and fell asleep pretty quickly (which is why I chose the tea I bought).

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