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Nashville: 11/6/15

This was my only full day in Nashville. Danny and Michelle both had to work in the morning so they left me a key and I stayed on the couch for a while after they’d left. They offered me oatmeal but I forgot by the time it was approaching 11 because I spent the morning going through my Irish and Pagan playlists so I could burn some CDs for Michelle.Oh, and I played with Levi (the kitten) and got some pretty cute pictures of him. He kept biting the zipper on my bunny pajamas and trying to pull it down, which was adorable, but I wouldn’t let him for long.

Day 20

I contacted my friend Allison to see if she wanted to meet for lunch and went to a nearby Target to buy some blank CDs so I actually could burn CDs for Michelle, but along the way I discovered the discount Halloween section and definitely bought a Jack O’Lantern cake pan and some fake nails for Brittany to add to her birthday gifts (I got her a bamboo steamer as well). I also got Song of the Sea and The Tale of Princess Kaguya and some bottles of water for the rest of my trip. By the time I checked out I had heard from Allison that she worked that day so we agreed to have lunch the next day instead. As I was leaving the store I saw that there was a Starbucks in the front and I’d been planning to maybe go there anyway to use wifi and get some caffeine to try to normalize my sleep schedule since I’ve been through all the time zones in the US over the past few weeks, so I put my stuff in my car and brought in my laptop and a granola bar in case they didn’t have sandwich options or anything. There was nothing already prepared and I didn’t feel like ordering food so I just got yet ANOTHER Butterbeer and had that and a pumpkin granola bar for lunch. Then I finally updated my blog for my last two days in Seattle and burned the CDs for Michelle and wrote as much as I could for this blog. It was pretty chill.

Day 20 a

Side note: Twisted is an amazing musical by Starkid and it’s a parody musical of basically all of Disney and Wicked. Aladdin has been my favorite Disney movie for a long time so I was really excited about it and I personally think that it was their best musical, even though the Very Potter Musical series was amazing for the most part. It’s been my background when I first log in for a long time now. 🙂

Anyway, I left Target a little earlier than I’d been planning because I heard someone talking about rush hour around 4:30 and I’d been planning to leave at 5. Michelle said she’d be home around 6 but I figured I could get there earlier and just do some crafts or some more writing but I ended up calling Eric and we were in the middle of a big conversation when she got home so I put that on the back-burner for the time being. Michelle and I ended up doing a little magic–we exchanged Tarot card readings and, like usual, I went through almost the whole deck. I would have gone through all the cards but I saw the bottom card and since I knew what it was I wouldn’t have been able to ask a question without being biased. I asked all sorts of things–about what I should do when I get home, how I should continue in certain areas of my life, etc. It was fun and satisfying, as always.

After our Tarot exchange we put on the Irish CD I had made for Michelle and we did our own things–she was reading and I was trying to put together some jewelry but I couldn’t focus so I ended up doing something else. Danny got home later and we decided to go out and get pizza from Walmart. The Walmart near their house was one of the nicer ones and we wandered around for a while before leaving with our pizzas. I gave Danny a Tarot reading while we waited for the pizza to cook and we ate around their table in the living room like we were at a kotatsu. I managed to take one picture of them before leaving the next day and it was during our pizza dinner.

Day 20 d

After our yummy pizza and juice we parted ways and it was a good night.

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