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Tri-Cities: 11/7/15

This was my last morning in Nashville and I packed up my things, dressed, said good bye to Danny and Michelle and headed toward Franklin to have lunch with Allison at a place called Duke’s. I had a little bit of trouble with my GPS so I was a few minutes late but Allison and I had one of those beautiful reunions in the parking lot where we kind of jog toward each other and hug. lol, it wasn’t as dramatic as that, but it was still great to see her after so long. We shared with each other the details of our lives and stayed there for 2 hours before finally deciding it was time to go. I only ate my fries and half of my burger, but it was good food. There was a little boy playing giant jenga next to us so every few minutes we would hear a loud crash, but apparently the restaurant is family friendly during the day and 21+ at night so there are dart boards and all sorts of cool adult things. 🙂


After we parted ways I drove four hours East to get to Brittany’s house for her birthday. She’s in a new place and it’s really nice; she gave me a tour and we just chilled before bed. One of Brittany’s gifts was a big cat tree so we put that together and hung some fairy lights (which I LOVE). I moved into another time zone so it was an hour later and we stayed up talking pretty late before going to sleep. It was a pretty full day, though it was mostly full of conversation and driving. 🙂

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