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Courtney's Secret Garden Posts

Huntsville: 10/21/15

So since I rarely get to visit this area I decided to stay an extra day to spend more time with Bess, Anney, and Charles. I spent the morning organizing my car and some of the bags that I had just shoved things into, then after getting ready I went to Target to get my prescription sunglasses fixed since a screw had fallen out. I needed a few things since I didn’t bring any bottled water or apple cider vinegar (I mix it with honey and water and sometimes lemon juice, but I forgot to buy the juice) so I did some shopping and got a little gift for Bess and Charles. 🙂

After all that, I went to meet Anney at this place called Lowe Mill. Everyone had decided I would really like it before I even arrived and they were right.


We ate at a little sandwich place called Happy Tummy. We ended up eating there later for dinner as well and both things I got were really good, but I think I preferred the wrap. They had cute names–the first meal I had was called the Naughty Wrap and for dinner I had Popeye Loves Olive Oyl. It was a great little place, and very affordable. Anney treated me to lunch (Thank you!) and tried to treat me to dinner as well but I insisted that she had already been awesome by buying my lunch. Which is true. 🙂


Then we found this room that was empty except for a swing with a sign on the door inviting people to swing. 🙂 I just took pictures of Anney because using my selfie stick to get both of us on the swing seems dangerous. We did share the swing since it’s wide enough for two and it was really fun. Also, we spent about an hour in this store with vintage and used clothes and I found a dress from HolyClothing (I LOVE that brand) and a few other clothing items–so I bought a few new outfits that may or may not show up in later pictures. 😉 I only packed enough clothes for half my trip since I plan to do laundry, but now I have a few extra options. It was really fun and Anney found some great clothes for LARPing, so it was definitely a great find. She even got this awesome vintage brass belt from the 80’s that went with a renaissance style dress she found. 🙂 Looking back, I realize I should have been taking pictures. Oh well.

After Charles and Bess joined us and we had dinner at Happy Tummy we went to the tea shop next door that I didn’t catch the name of, but it’s a local tea place and you can buy a mason jar with a hole for a straw in the lid and go to other locations and get refills for a lower price. I tried their summer special and then after dinner I went for a refill since I invested in the mason jar and I tried Healing Honeysuckle, which was yummy. I love teas and now I can use that mason jar for mixing my detox honey, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, etc drink. 🙂

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And here are a few pictures to show you how HAPPY I am that Bess made me a crochet COURTNEY THE BEAR! There’s a story behind this bear and it really touched my heart. As I was going to bed Bess came to my room and gave it to me and I couldn’t say anything except how happy I was. It’s going to make me happy to look at this bear for the rest of my life. 🙂 Are you ready for the story? Here goes:

So back in college I was in a D&D campaign with some friends from anime club and Bess and Anney were both in my group. Our DM had told us to make all of our characters as priests or priestesses of different gods from Greek mythology and the plot was that we (in Ancient Greece) had eradicated all evil from our world. That was great, for about a minute, because there needed to be balance and as we had eradicated our darkness the world of Norse mythology had lost its light and the two worlds collided, causing chaos. I could go into tons of detail, but basically our party ended up approaching a Nordic village after escaping the realm of the dead (it was my fault we ended up there) and as the bard I cast a spell on myself so I could communicate with them. I kept trying to explain to the Norsemen that we were journeying and trying to help save the realms but the leader kept telling me to be quiet and trying to get a man to speak to him instead, but I had only cast the spell on myself and I was annoyed that he kept deferring to a man. I think traditionally Norsemen respect women more, but since all the goodness was gone from their land perhaps it affected him or maybe this guy with just against women leaders. Either way, he warned me not to speak again and of course my character chose to speak so she was taken away where they pierced her tongue with a heavy weight for speaking out of turn and put me in a board with a hole for my head and smaller holes for my hands. I was separated from my party and I was about a level 20 bard, so I was very powerful and I decided to turn into mist to escape. Well, when I had gone out into the woods I still had the board locked around my neck and the weight still in my tongue. I was pretty helpless so I saw a squirrel and used a spell to have the squirrel deliver a message to my party. I told the squirrel “Help! I’m alone in the woods and I’m trapped!” and it ran off to find my party in a tavern. The squirrel went up to Bess’ character who was a druid and was the only person who could talk to animals in the group and after hearing the message she shrugged it off because she didn’t know who it was from. Her character might have been able to figure it out, but despite being an Aasimar bard with high charisma I had not made good friends with my party members because the first time we met was because I had rolled a low number on a sing check. They all came to tell my character to stop singing and that’s how the party was made, plus Bess’ character had a dog who was very unhappy with the high pitched singing of Kechara the Aasimar bard. So anyway, back in the woods my character encounters a bear and hasn’t heard anything or been rescued so she uses the rest of the magic she has to cast the same spell on the bear. This time she says “Help. My name is Courtney and I’m in the woods.” Now, since the town we were in worships Oden who can sometimes take the shape of a bear no one thought twice about the bear going into the tavern, standing on his back two legs and delivering my message. “Who’s Courtney?” they wondered, since I SAID MY REAL NAME AND NOT MY CHARACTER NAME. Again, they ignored the message and the bear wandered back to the woods.

Meanwhile, my character was wandering around and two talking wolves approached her. They were discussing how good it would taste to eat her and how convenient it was that she wasn’t that mobile. One came up and ripped the weight piercing out of her tongue and they were preparing to attack when out of nowhere the bear from earlier shows up, stands on its hind legs and bellows “COURTNEY!” before attacking and destroying the wolves. I don’t remember if they were killed or ran away, but the bear saved Courtney and then destroyed the restrictive board before meandering off. And ever since then Courtney the Bear has been a sort of inside joke/story betwixt me and the friends who were there because as it was happening in the story it was awesome. We had a great DM who told great stories and was willing to turn the silly things we did into something fun. Anyway, I’m just so happy that Bess made Courtney the Bear for me and it’s going to ride proudly in my car for the rest of my road trip. ^_^

And on that note, I hope you have a great night!



Atlanta and Huntsville: 10/20/15

Hello! It’s day two and I’m not sure I really even feel like I’m on a road trip yet because all I’ve done is drive about 8 hours total and I’m spending time having tons of fun seeing my friends. 🙂 I slept in Atlanta and the next morning my friend Jabari took me to a local park and we walked around and sat on a rock by the river just talking for a while before our stomachs informed us that it was lunch time.

Day 2 d

This is us walking in the park. It was scarf weather! 🙂


Jabari stopped to take a picture of these mushrooms. We’re both reminded of the movie Fern Gully when we see tree mushrooms, so he stooped over and said, “There are worlds within worlds, Crysta.” ^_^


Day 2 c

Me standing on the big rock by the river.


Day 2 b

Jabari standing on the big rock.

Jabari cooked chicken with onions for lunch and we had some leftover couscous. 🙂 After we ate we talked about life and the future, with the help of our tarot cards, and then I reloaded my car and headed off to visit the friend I’m currently staying with in Alabama!


Day 2 h

I pulled over right after Mentone (which I want to go back and explore one day!) to stretch my legs and I pulled out my selfie stick! It seems to only work on Snapchat so far and since my phone is cracked I’m taking them without using the self-facing camera (there are some pictures I’ve taken with it but they have the weird extra lighting) so I feel that it takes a little more skill since I can’t see the picture as I take it. 🙂

Day 2 g

And I’m going to keep playing with the layouts of this blog, so hopefully it’ll still look good once I choose a final layout for the duration of the trip. I have a long entry that isn’t finished that I started last Saturday but I have tomorrow morning to myself so I’ll finish writing it and post it tomorrow. I hope you have a wonderful night, like I did! My friend made Udon and the group of us watched the entire first season of DBZ abridged. I’m a huge fan of parody (as evinced by my Weird Al CD collection and the fact that I listen to tons of Starkid songs on my YouTube playlists) so I really enjoyed it, plus since I’ve never seen DBZ I learned a lot about what happens. Anyway, I’m going to go to sleep soon, so fare thee well!


Good night!

Anderson and Atlanta: 10/19/15

It’s late tonight and I just finished the first day of my trip, so here are photos! I’ll elaborate more later! 🙂


Sammie took me to Mellow Mushroom for the first time today! Can you believe it took me so long? It was delicious! 🙂

Day 1 2

Then we had Starbucks and I asked for a Butterbeer. It turns out it’s not actually on the menu and you have to tell them how to make it, but that’s okay because they remembered what to do!

Day 1 5

My Butterbeer and a PUMPKIN donut (similar to a pumpkin pastie). I felt like I was at Hogwarts. ^_^

(I didn’t realize I was ordering coffee since I thought I was actually ordering a Butterbeer recipe, by the way.)

Day 1 4

Sam had a caramel donut with her coffee.

Day 1

And I got safely to Jabari’s house! This was us experimenting with the selfie stick I bought for my trip.